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Before requesting support please ensure you have read the necessary documentation. If you are evaluating, the downloaded zip files all include a Quick Start document in PDF format. Please consult this document to double check that installation has been performed correctly.

Please note: If you are not running the latest release of the software, you may be asked to update to the latest release before further investigation can take place.

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  • Pcounter for Windows Installation Guide

    Graphical installation guide

  • Pcounter for Windows

    Latest developer reference manual

  • Pcounter Web Administrator

    Developer user guide

  • Pcounter OES Full Manual

    Latest developer reference manual

  • Pcounter Troubleshooting Guide

    Answers to common questions relating to new installations of Pcounter

  • Pcounter Pro ID Numbers

    Covering all aspects of Pcounter Pro ID numbers for authentication.

  • Pcounter Client Set Up for MAC

  • Popup, Users and Client Codes User Manual

    Full technical manual

  • Setting up Client Codes in Pcounter

    Step by step video guide on how to set up client codes including auto client codes.

  • Pcounter Administrators Reports Generator User Manual

    Reporting guide

  • Pcounter Web Utilities Guide

    CGI utilities extension applications installation and configuration guide

  • Pull Printing Troubleshooting Guide

    How to resolve common pull printing issues

  • WBalance Quick Start Guide

    How to set up WBalance - a small windows utility for users to view their account balances quickly

  • Pcounter TCP and UDP Ports

    Documents details the default TCP or UDP port numbers in use by Pcounter for Windows and all Pcounter Wider Solution applications. It also advises whether these ports can be changed

  • Pcounter Rules and Policies Manual

    For setting up rules and policies from Pcounter 2.85.

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Pcounter Station

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