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Our How to Guides give you a quick step by step guide to common deployment requirements for our print and copy management solutions.

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We have How to Guides covering the following areas.

Pcounter Core Software

  • Upgrading to Pcounter 3.xx Using SQL Express

    Step by step guide on how to upgrade to Pcounter for Windows SQL version

  • Pcounter for Windows - upgrading to a new version

    How to upgrade to the latest version of Pcounter

  • How to register Pcounter for Windows

    A step by step guide on how to register your Pcounter software

  • Adding new printers to Pcounter

    This document explains how to configure a new printer so that it is monitored by Pcounter

  • Configuring a single data server

    How to configure Pcounter to use a single data server

  • Accounting for Mac Printing

    How to account for Mac printing using an LPR print queue

  • Pcounter server migration

    How to migrate settings from one server to another

  • Rules, Policy and Pricing

    How to set rules in Pcounter - for version 2.80a and earlier. For subsequent versions click here

  • Popup and job confirmation

    Creating job confirmation notifications

  • Popup and chargeback

    Creating client codes

  • Messaging Configuration

    Setting up broadcast or email messaging

  • Quota Management

    How to set quotas to reduce print output

  • Amending account balances

    How to edit or set Pcounter account balances

  • Supervisor/Teacher Release

    How to install and configure Supervisor/Teacher release via CGI utilities

  • Pcounter pull printing

    How to configure pull printing

  • Cross server pull printing

    How to configure pull printing across mulitple servers

  • Improving printer performance

    This guide offers suggestions to help improve printing speed through Pcounter controlled printers

  • Pcounter database maintenance

    How to backup user databases for Pcounter for Windows

  • Allowing Access to Pcounter Applications

    How to allow users to access Pcontrol and Pcounter Adminstrator without login to the Pcounter server.

  • How to plan for system upgrades

    What to consider when doing major systems upgrades and the effect this might have on your Print management software.

  • Windows XP Mode Setup

    What to consider when installing Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.

  • Colour Detection for Mac Devices

    Solution for colour detection not working when printing from Mac.

  • Pcounter real time monitor configuration

    Hot to guide on how RTM polls Pcounter printers to check their error and consumable status

Pcounter Embedded

  • Print Accounting for Sharp embedded sofware

    How to configure print accounting with Pcounter embedded for Sharp

  • Print Accounting for Toshiba embedded software

    How to configure print accounting with Pcounter embedded for Toshiba

  • Upgrading Ricoh VDMS embedded software

    How to upgrade your Ricoh VDMS embedded licences

  • Upgrading Toshiba embedded software

    How to upgrade your Toshiba embedded licences

  • Upgrading Pcounter HP embedded software

    How to upgrade your HP embedded licences

  • Upgrading Kyocera embedded software

    How to upgrade your Kyocera embedded licences

  • Upgrading Xerox embedded software

    How to upgrade your Xerox embedded licences

  • How to Reinstall Pcounter Xauditron after a factory reset

    Step by step guide to reinstalling PCXA after a factory reset

  • Pcounter Scan Server

    How to configure Pcounter Scan Server on different MFP makes.

  • Setting Photocopier pricing

    How to configure prices on a photocopier monitored by Pcounter

  • How to Prepare a Konica Minolta device

    Follow this step by step how to guide on preparing a KM device ready for installing XPR Enterprise KM embedded software

Pcounter Enhancements

  • Pcounter Workstation Manager

    Best practice deployment advice

  • Pcounter Web Reports Vn3.0 - Scheduled Reporting

    How to send automated reports

XPR Enterprise Solutions

  • XPR TouchPay - How to do Cash Close-Offs & Synchronisation

    How to perform a cash close off or synchronise data

  • XPR TouchPay Kiosk Chip + PIN Unit

    How the Chip + PIN unit interacts with the Kiosk