XPR SecurePrint ensures confidential and secure print output.

XPR SecurePrint is a safe and secure way to control print queues. Its ‘simple-to-use’ technology ensures documents sent to the printer cannot be read, go astray or get mixed up with other print jobs.

It is quick and easy to use. All printed jobs are held in a ‘queue’ until the release to print is authorised by either the sender’s swipe-card, ID badge or biometric signature.

Why use XPR SecurePrint?

Using secure printing technology via Pcounter provides a variety of options to ensure secure and confidential output for the convenience of the user. Print jobs can be held in the queue until the user is ready to release it.

Print jobs that are held in the network print queues can be "pulled" to the device the user chooses when using our secure printing technology.

Key Benefits

Future proof software

XPR SecurePrint works with all current printers and it is future proofed technology that will ensure it is compatible with all future devices

Increased security

By allowing users to release prints when at a specific device you not only ensure confidentiality is maintained, but also increased

Increased productivity

XPR SecurePrint will increase productivty within your organisation as it will cut time spent queuing at printers

Quick and low cost

Not only is XPR SecurePrint a quick solution to install and get running, it is also low cost software that will pay for itself quickly

Key Features

Major hardware types supported

XPR SecurePrint supports all the major card types and biometric fingerprint scanning equipment

Secure print release

Ensure print output remains secure and confidential until it is released by the authorised owner

Highly compatible

XPR SecurePrint is compatible with all local and networked printing devices, allowing for complete secure printing coverage within your organisation

Pull printing supported

With XPR SecurePrint in place you can have pull printing supported, this will increase flexible working patterns by allowing users to print from any networked device