Control print & copy output directly from your Toshiba print devices.

Simple to use, the Toshiba embedded software enables real-time integration between Pcounter and Toshiba multi-function devices with GS-1020 fitted.

With the Toshiba embedded software you can authenticate by user ID + password, ID card or biometrics with support for secure print, pull-printing and copier accounting and cost centre allocation without the need for additional hardware or wiring.

Why Toshiba embedded software?

Toshiba print management software enables convenient secure release at the device improving the speed and quality of the user experience and facilitates rationalisation of devices. Piles of waste paper are evidence to the fact that many print jobs are never collected.

By enforcing secure release on your Toshiba machines, jobs are not printed unless the user authenticates at the device achieving typical cost savings in the region of 30%. Integrating your print & copy accounting centralises management and reporting, greatly reducing the burden of administration.

What's Next?