Highly secure, feature rich print management solution

Our cloud-based offering, from Ubiquitech, is a feature rich print management solution that offers a highly secure and easy way to manage your organisations printing and copying requirements all within an intuitive web-based interface that provides end users and administrators alike with a clear and consistent experience.

Printing is managed in either a public or private cloud, such as Microsoft Azure and is backed by advanced failover and load balancing capabilities, boasting a robust backbone to your print infrastructure so printing is more reliable and ‘always-on’. It comes with intuitive tools for centralised management and requires minimal driver configuration. The solution is hardware independent with embedded and web clients available for many popular print manufacturers.

How it works

The solution is very flexible and can be configured to best support your business requirements.

With a typical configuration the print job goes directly from a workstation to the printer via the LAN when released by the user (i.e. it does not go into the cloud) However metadata for rule, reports and authentication goes via a secure VPN into the cloud where they are managed. Additionally, user's information can be held in the cloud or on a local Active Directory (or other LDAP) depending on your requirements.

Push printing (without the loss of metadata) is always on even if the cloud connection should fail. So resilience is built in by design.

The solution also takes advantage of Ubiquitech's patented one-driver technology, so there is no print driver management needed, significantly reducing help desk workloads. This is perfect if your fleet consists of range of different models or manufacturers and offers the flexibility to change printers or locations without the need to change or add print drivers.

Print Management For Finance And Corporate
Our print management solution is used widely in various financial & corporate institutions, ranging from PLCs, SMEs and LLPs. Never before has it been so important to control paper waste and also meet financial regulations.
Manufactured by: ANDTechnologies

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