Integrate Pcounter with ID card release functionality for simple print release.

We supply a wide range of organisations with ID card technology. From the ID cards themselves to ID card readers, we offer the full solution for anyone wanting to use ID card based print release technology.

ID Cards - What we offer

We offer the full ID card bureau service supplying all of the most common card types. These cards can be supplied in quantities to suit you, and we can deliver them to you as they are, or we can supply them with images and your company branding printed on the cards themselves.

ID Card Readers

We also supply the card readers for your organisation. As well as network attached card readers we also stock a wide selection of USB card readers that work with all our ID card solutions.

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ID Cards & Consumables

Key Benefits

Increased confidentiality

Guarantee secure access to print and copy devices and maintain confidentiality of your printed output via ID card release

Increased productivity

With an ID card based solution in place you have a single identity management solution that will increase productivity and convenience

Promote flexible working

Users can print an item whcih gets stored in a remote print queue, when the user wants to release that job you can use any networked print device to release that document using your ID card

Simple integration

An ID card based system is simple and quick to deploy. It is also simple to manage for both admins and users. It works with all print devices so integration is seamless

Key Features

Flexible solution

Our ID card authentication system is a flexible solution, it can simply and quickly integrate into all network print environments

Pull printing supported

Ensure all documents remain securely in a print queue until the specified users decides to authenticate via an ID card and release their print jobs

Highly compatible

ID card release is compatible with all network printers and multi function devices

Secure print release

With an ID card solution in place your users will have access to secure print release technology

What's Next?