Guaranteed security and confidentiality with biometric print release functionality.

Biometric print integration enables secure print release and pull printing capability with any network device. Users authenticate via their fingerprint to release or discard their queued print jobs. This biometric print release method enables print output to be routed to network devices whilst maintaining an extremely high level of security, ensuring printed documents don’t get into the wrong hands.Our biometric print release also integrates with BioStore Identity management solution and AIT are one of BioStore's gold partners.

How Biometric Print Release Works

Biometric printing technology offers a unique, simple and secure method of identification. Using a complex algorithmic system, the fingerprint image is converted to a complex number string, removing the need to store any images so providing security and peace of mind for users. The held data cannot be used to recreate a fingerprint or be used in any forensic way.

Once this information is taken and securely stored it is then a simple process of scanning your fingerprint at any networked MFD and releasing the print job you select. This print job is then released and the user has their documents securely delivered to them.

If you are an organisation that have number of networked MFDs and you need to increase the security of your printed output, then biometric print integration is the print solution for you.


Key Features

Secure print release

Any organisation that has a number of networked printers will benefit from secure print release. Users can go upto any machine and securely release their print jobs.

Integration and compatibility

Not only is secure print release compatible with all networked print devices, biometric release integrates with BioStore Biometric Systems giving users unprecedented accessibility.

Data storage compliant

Biometric secure print release can give users quick access to their printed documents, but fingerprints are not retained and confidential information is not stored.

Choose what you print

Secure print release will give you the option to release whatever print jobs you choose. You can selectively release print jobs or release all at once, the choice is yours