Alerts and pop-ups via Pcounter give users helpful print job information.

With Pcounter in place you will have access to intelligent optional pop-up messages to show users the details of print jobs they are about to print before the job goes to the printer -  giving options to proceed, cancel or re-direct to another device.

The message content can be customised as needed and can include variables such as the user name, document name, pages, cost and the user’s account balance.

Messages can be prompted for every print job or just selectively based on the user profile or the attributes of the print job such as the number of pages, copies or if it is colour.

This helpful information will increase user convenience, and it adds an extra layer of accountability for print users who can choose to cancel a print job if they are alerted to a setting on their print job which is not what they selected, saving them from printing and causing waste.

Key Benefits

Keep users informed

With pop-up alerts you can keep your users informed of print job details, increasing convenience for the user

Customisable display

The messages are easily customisable and can contain a variety of information that your users will find useful

Selective messaging

Admin users can set up messages to appear only when print jobs meet a certain criteria or come from a certain department or user

Eradicate print waste

Pcounter will monitor your prints and delete duplicate jobs, route print jobs to specific, more efficient MFDs and it also makes users think twice before printing a document without checking it.