Print quota management with Pcounter.

Enforce accountability, cost-awareness and responsibility amongst your users for all their printed output.

Print quotas or print “credit” can be assigned to users, either individually or by group to enable enforcement of a limit based on free allocation of printing or chargeable printing where the users pay – or a combination of both.

When a users quota or credit has been exhausted, they can be stopped from printing more until their account is replenished which can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Addition via Administration applications
  • Automatic scheduled update of a defined value (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Automated cash collection and card options for charging environments

Print quota or credit which is provided free versus being paid for, is identified and can be configured to allow free quota on some printers and only paid for quota on others.


Key Benefits

Enforce accountability

Assign quotas to your users and enforce accountability of how they print. See reductions in print waste when quotas have been assigned

Simple to manage

A free quota system is simple to set-up and manage, giving organisations greater printer control without complex installations and maintenance

Increase user satisfaction

Organisations can set-up initial free quotas that once run out need to be topped up with actual funds

Assign costs

Even if you are offering free printing with quota limits in place you can still account for each print made, making transparency and accountability much simpler