Add credit to Pcounter accounts with simple to use touch screen kiosks.

Our Floor mounted or desktop touch screen kiosks are available to enable automated, self-service purchase of print credit. Users enter their network login details or use an ID card to authenticate to the device and deposit cash which is added to their Pcounter print credit balance on the network, in real-time.

With this form of print cost recovery system users login via a touch screen or ID card and deposit cash which is added to their Pcounter account in real time - options include coins, notes, chip and PIN payment via credit card, receipt printers, DDA compliant features and multiple ID card support.

An automated cash value loader will help reduce manual cash handling and improve efficiencies within your organisation. By using these value loaders, you will have a robust system where manual cash handling is dramatically reduced and time can be spent elsewhere.



Key Benefits

Robust system

Our value loaders are robust and secure systems that are made to last. Made from high quality materials these machines are built to stand whatever is thrown at them.

24/7 service

Increase your service and quality offering. The machines gives users 24/7 access and availability to their Pcounter accounts and all with DDA compliance.

Instant credit

Using this system will give instant credit updates to Pcounter user accounts. No lengthy waits whilst credit is applied to an account when wanting to print.

Reduced costs

Cash value loaders reduce the onus on manual cash handling, meaning there are reduced staff costs in this area. Provides a centralised audit trial for accounting, reconciliation and reporting.

key Features


Reduce reliance on staff and allow Pcounter users to purchase print credits for Pcounter quickly and easily.

Wide range of payment methods

Cash value loaders accept notes and coins, including foreign currency, chip and PIN payments via credit cards and each transaction processed produces a receipt.

ID card support

To login to the system you can use a number of common ID card formats for secure authentication. There is self service association of ID cards to login ID.

Full accounting

The touchscreen kiosks can provide full financial accountability reports and cash analysis. Whilst also monitoring levels of notes and coins within the kiosks.


We can brand the kiosks to compliment your brand image. We can apply your company logo to the machine and internal systems can be customised

DDA compliant

Our machines are fully DDA compliant and can give access to any user within your organisation