Update credit to print and copy accounts easily and securely online

XPR Enterprise e-Pay allows print and copy accounts to be topped-up or managed online. It is easy to use, quick and secure. e-Pay reduces cash handling for the host organisation.

XPR e-Pay accounting fundingAccount holders benefit from improved accessibility to their account and it eradicates the need to visit a kiosk or pay-desk to top-up. Users can top-up from their home, office or even iPhone: anywhere there is an instant connection.

e-Pay is a simple solution to install and run, it has multiple benefits for all organisations, a key benefit is reduction in cash handling. Not only does the organisation save time and money by reducing cash handling, in some cases organisations have reduced cash handling by 30%.

The e-Pay system can be used to top up accounts and pay for items other than printing, the e-Pay system is currently used to top up accounts which pay for textiles, wood materials and other various items. This versatility makes it easier for your users and your organisation.

What our customers say

  • The XPR Enterprise® e-Pay system was introduced at the start of the October term in 2010 and has reduced cash handling at the college by 30%. Because students can top up the Pcounter account online, using their debit/credit cards, Goldsmiths no longer need to accept the card payment directly. It therefore has no fees associated with credit card transactions and the leasing of additional POS equipment.
    Rachael Johnson, head of user services, Goldsmiths, University of London

Key Benefits

Increased convenience

Not only is XPR e-Pay more convenient for IT teams, it is more convenient for users. With a web based system users have 24/7 access with instant account updates

Easy to budget

XPR e-Pay has a flat monthly fee to keep it operational. This flat fee ensures simple budgeting and with the savings made this system will pay for itself

Reduce cash handling

With XPR e-Pay in place you will see a drop in cash handling as users top up their accounts using this system. You will also see a drop in credit card transaction fee and the use of POS equipment


Using multi-layered encryption technology, e-Pay is a secure, reliable & certified system that protects users from any web based threats. Constant updates protect against the latest threats

Key Features

Customisable design

With XPR e-Pay we can customise the design of the portal to fit your own organisational branding and design

Accepts all major cards

The e-Pay system is compatible with all major credit/debit cards increasing convenience for users

Transparent transactions

Not only are account transactions processed instantly, but users also have access to a complete transaction history for their own records

Simple account management

Register and top up a user account via any web connected device, and instantly update account with credit for print use