Charge for photocopy outputs

Our MFP Coin boxcash vending system is ideal for those public access areas (e.g Libraries) who wish to charge for copy outputs.

Users simply use the self-service vending for payment of photocopies and organisations can charge different rates for mono or colour copies if desired.

Turns copy costs into revenue and reduces unwanted copying. Allows optimum deployment of MFDs in libraries and open access areas.








Key Benefits

Simple to use

No experience needed to manage or maintain our cash vending system, making it a simple and easy to use solution, meaning reduced IT support needed.


Using the cash vending system ensures your copy output remains safe and secure, and never gets in the hands of the wrong person.

Reduce waste

A cash vending system helps reduce copy waste effectively as users pay for this service, they will only copy what they really need.

Generate income

Turns copy outputs into a revenue generating stream, ideal in public environments.

Key Features

Self service vending

Easy to use coin only self service cashing vending for payment of photocopy outputs

Different charges

Different charges can be levied for colour or mono as well as for different paper sizes.

Robust design

Floor standing, robust design ideal for public environments and high traffic usage.

What's Next?