Print management software, isn't it time you took control of your print accounting?

Pcounter is a scalable, network based print management software solution, which allows you take control of your print accounting quickly and easily.

Businesses will spend between 3% and 5% of their annual turnover on printing, and for public bodies that’s a large proportion of your budget that could go towards a whole host of other items.

With a print management software solution like Pcounter in place your organisation will save money, time and resources fast.

There’s never been a better time to take a closer look at our constantly evolving range of print management software solutions that prove our commitment to future-proofing your print management processes.

Many organisations are already seeing the benefits of using Pcounter as a centrally controlled print management solution.

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Key Benefits

Save on print costs

Accurate print accounting is essential to cutting down on erroneous costs. Pcounter can reduce print consumable expenditure, staff time spent monitoring printing is cut down dramatically with Pcounter in place.

Enhanced print security

Pcounter is a pull printing solution designed to enhance security for all users. Pcounter enables users to release documents when at the printer after verifying their ID, enabling print jobs to be released safely and securely.

Eradicate print waste

Pcounter will monitor your prints and delete duplicate jobs, route print jobs to specific, more efficient MFDs and it also makes users think twice before printing a document without checking it! Print waste is dramatically reduced with Pcounter.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Send print jobs to more efficient printers, reduce print waste and save on print consumables. Pcounter will help to reduce the environmental impact of your organisation, whilst also saving you time and money.

Key Features

Monitoring and accounting

With Pcounter in place you will be able to monitor, account, charge and report on all printing within your organisation. You have full control over what gets printed, when and where.

Rules and print policy enforcement

Create rules to route and monitor print jobs easily. You have the ability to create a range of print rules to efficiently manage your overall printing policy and save you money and reduce print waste.

Secure print capabilities

Security is key, and with Pcounter you have a fully secure print management solution. Pull printing will enable users to release jobs via a chosen release method ensuring security is maintained.

Full payment automation

Pcounter gives you the versatility to accept a range of payment methods. Users can top-up their print credits using cash, card or via e-payments. This increases convenience for both user and organisation.