Improve your organisations carbon footprint...

Paper wastage is a huge concern, so organisations should be seeking to do whatever possible to help eradicate their print waste. AIT is offering their customers a simple and effective way to help not only minimise their environmental impact by reducing and eliminating print waste, but to also make a positive long term difference to the environment and help tackle (in some cases) their growing carbon footprint.


AIT has chosen to team up with Yorkshire Dales Millennium trust (YDMT), a charity dedicated to caring for all aspects of life in the Yorkshire Dales. Their mission is ‘to support the environmental, social and economic well-being of the Yorkshire Dales’ and they work in many different ways to achieve this, including planting trees to create new native woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales.

When Pcounter customers purchase updates, support and maintenance, AIT will dedicate one tree with YDMT for each customer, helping to conserve the Yorkshire countryside,  mitigate carbon emissions for each participating organisation and build a better future and a healthier environment.

We have currently dedicated 200 trees on our customers behalf!

The Pcounter Wood will ensure organisations continue to receive those initial savings year on year as well as optimise their IT infrastructure to increase savings wherever possible. This in turn will continue to contribute to the environment in a positive way.

We’re pretty excited about how big the Pcounter Wood can get and look forward to watching its progress with you.

Pcounter Wood - Delivering Environmental Benefits

Carbon Footprint

Help reduce your organisations carbon footprint by supporting the natural woodland in the Yorkshire Dales.

Tree Preservation

Contribute to the preservation and growth of trees and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Greener Envrionment

Your organisation will be helping to maintain, create and encourage greener landscapes for a better future and brighter tomorrow.

Latest updates, support & maintainence

Ensure your updates, support and maintenance contract is up to date to receive all the benefits this offers.