Ensure you protect your email and web with the highest and best security software possible...

We provide a comprehensive and secure email security and web security service for all education and business users. Our service provides a spam-detection accuracy rate consistently above 99.9%. AIT provide a large number of organisations with our leading web security and email security software solutions.

Email Security

Our cloud based email security software ensures your internal IT network is not disrupted from email based threats. We can supply businesses and education environments with cloud based email security and email archiving.
It is imperative that members of staff or students are protected from email based threats that could not only put them in harm but also harm your internal IT infrastructure from malware, viruses or phishing scames. Not forgetting the negative impact on work levels that can arise from disruptive junk mail getting through.


Web Security

From small businesses to large, as well as schools, colleges and universities our web security software platform is protecting thousands of web users on a daily basis. Protecting these users from offensive content, harmful web viruses whilst allowing them to complete their jobs quickly and without the risk of harming their network environments. For all organisations having an easy to manage and secure web security platform is of the highest importance.