Unable to add a standalone electronic escutcheon? Then a door controller system is an ideal solution.

The SALTO door controller enables the usual features of an access control system to be applied to doors where normal escutcheons cannot be fitted, such as electric strikes, magnets, barriers, lifts, shutters and speed gates.SALTO XS4 Door Controller

Door Controllers – How they work

Data is always encrypted when using this type of system, so security is maintained. The door controllers can read this data and if using the SALTO Virtual Network the carrier can update the controllers instantly, making it possible to cancel cards at once.

Offline or online, the SALTO door controllers can work on a variety of systems.

Key Benefits

Secure system

Data that is transferred between user and the controller is encrypted and protected from threats

Simple to manage

Door controllers can be managed via a simple software program and can also be managed via the SALTO Virtual Network

High quality materials

High quality materials ensure that these door controllers can be used in a wide range of demanding environments

Audit trailing capability

User on card audit trailing capability for audit trailing via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN)

Key Features

Offline/Online access

Our range of door controllers can come as offline or online versions depending on your preference

Simple set-up

Set up made with Portable Programming Devices (PPD) or directly from the PC

Anti Pass Back

Anti Pass Back functionality is available on door controllers

Simple to upgrade

Firmware upgradable by means of PPD or directly from the PC on the online units

What's Next?