Install a flexible and simple to use wireless access control system that can easily monitor all access activity.

We specialise in supplying wireless access control systems. AIT can deliver the latest systems in wireless door control from market leading access control provider SALTO.

SALTO Wireless Access Control systems You can be assured that the wireless access control system in your building is at the forefront in both hardware and software specifications.Wireless access control systems are ideally suited to all types of organisations and are particularly useful in a retro-fit situation or for listed buildings where running cables and network points wouldn't be allowed.


How Wireless Access Control Works

The wireless systems work by using radio frequency technology to communicate in real time with a centrally based computer system. The locks are intelligently programmed and instantly make access decisions based on the individual user’s access rights. Responses are immediate and they require no communication with the server or network controllers, avoiding problems when network outages occur. 

Key Benefits

Efficient access control

The wireless system combines the efficiency of both online and offline applications in a single system

Complete door audit trail

View door access in real time without having to visit the door itself saving valuable time

Highly compatible system

The wireless system is compatible with RFID technologies including Mifare/DESfire, Inside Picopass, Legic and HID iClass

Low cost solution

A wireless system can be fitted to any number of doors at a much lower cost than that of a traditional wired system

Key Features

Real-time communication

With stand alone battery powered escutcheons you get simplified security management and unrivaled levels of access control

Secure encrytion techniques

It uses AES128 bits encrypted radio frequency communication based on IEEE 802.15.4 at 2,4Ghz to transfer information from escutcheons to the PC

Gateways and repeaters act as antennas

Collecting and sending information from the PC to the stand alone wireless locks. One gateway can manage several repeaters and electronic escutcheons

Real time battery control

Easily and quickly monitor battery maintenance by viewing the lock battery status in real time