Want to allow guest users to print on your network? Pcounter makes it easy.

Unlike most print environments, what if the people that want to print aren’t set up in the organisations directory? This can be the case in many organisation types, hotels, libraries, organisations with roaming users to name a few.

Pcounter can work simultaneously with both known and unknown users as it has advanced search and look up capabilities to the organisations own database directory. Most organisations use Active Directory – as well as allowing the creation of users in its own database. Pcounter has the versatility to work in both these ways, making guest users print requirements a simple reality.

Guest user printing options

The first option is to use Pcounter admin tools to create users on request over the counter. However, it’s better if users can be self-created which can be done using a kiosk – or using EveryonePrint, mobile printing solution.

Guest printing in charging environments

It’s important that pull printing and copier accounting solutions prevent negative balance and enable sites that want to charge users to do so. For such charging environments, we offer payment over the counter or users can use value loaders which accept cash deposits. To access these kiosks users authenticate using keyboard or ID card and then deposit money into their Pcounter account in real time.

Electronic payment methods are also supported – the kiosk includes a chip and PIN reader option and we also offer internal applications using PayPal or external fully hosted services for integration with your own financial service provider.

Key Benefits

Print securely from any mobile device

Guest users can print from any of their mobile devices when using EveryonePrint, increasing user convenience greatly

Account for all print users

With Pcounter in place, you will be able to account for all users including guest users and if you charge for print this will apply to guests too.

Multiple print options

Guest users have access to 3 different print methods, web print, email print and driver print. Increasing user convenience and satisfaction levels

Effective working environments

Now your regular team or guests can print so user convenience is increased and there is more flexibility in how they work.