Revolutionise your print room and reprographics facilities with our print room management software.

Make it easy for your users to submit and track their work – with consistent, accurate and accountable submission of jobs for print room processing.

Fast, simple, flexible print room submissions

Our print room management software provides fast, simple, flexible access to high volume, special finishing printing facilities for end users via print rooms or reprographics areas. Users can upload documents via a web portal, file/print or by email for processing in the print room by simply completing a job ticket.

Using a combination of hard and soft rules jobs can be automatically redirected to the print room based on criteria such as jobs in excess of x number of pages or jobs costing in excess of a predefined value.

Cost estimates are clearly and accurately displayed on the job ticket as the user chooses their options. The use of an electronic job ticket also minimises any ambiguity and errors. Additionally the system integrates directly with Pcounter allowing global reporting across all print devices regardless of their location. Charging against user and cost/department codes becomes simplified.

Users can receive job status updates via the web portal or by email and the web portal can be used as a document library for easy retrieval and resubmission of previous work. The job ticketing element is fully customisable based on the relevant options and pricing offered by the organisation.