Simple database integration with Pcounter Custom Data Kit

Users who want to integrate existing systems with Pcounter can do so with Pcounter Custom Data Kit (CDK). This tool allows for seamless database connectivity allowing you full control over what Pcounter integrates with other systems.

Pcounter CDK

The Custom Data Kit (CDK) for Pcounter is a suite of 3 essential utilities designed to enable distributors, system integrators and experienced end-users to integrate Pcounter with existing information systems and business processes.

Pcounter CDK Connect

Pcounter CDK Connect allows for the same connectivity as Pcounter CDK but it also gives users the ability to look outside Pcounter and use 3rd party balances such as cashless catering and use these to pay for users printing.

Key Benefits

Reduce IT costs

Automating processes using CDK will help your team to save time. The current amount of time spent manually importing data will be reduced

Automated system

Our CDK Database Import tool can select data from any major SQL compliant database and automatically move this data into Pcounter

Safer data transfer

Using in-built security protocols CDK ensures data transfer is not only fast and reliable, it is also highly secure. Preserving confidentiality of the data you are transferring

Eliminates need for manual input

Automate more processes and give your IT team more time to focus on other matters whilst the CDK system integrates and imports data from various SQL databases