Ensure your organisation has SALTO's leading door access control solution in place.

For all organisations it is essential that the right people have the right access to your premises. Whether your organisation is small or large we can provide a door access control solution for commercial businesses, public sector, educational organisations and SME's.

access control solutionsOur access control solutions will control the three key aspects of access when people are on your premises. Our software and hardware solutions will monitor the locations of all individuals within your buildings providing a full audit trail, you can control what people are given access to and you can ensure access is granted to the correct individual or group at the right time.

As a SALTO access control supplier we have a range of solutions that will suit your individual needs. We can provide a bespoke access control solution that will fit in seamlessly with your existing building infrastructure providing secure and easy to use access control.

CCTV has now evolved to become a major aspect of your security

Cameras are linked to monitors to enhance access control and provide on-site security with low staff costs. Systems range from single camera line fed to multi-site applications with fibre optic and microwave transmission and can be integrated into your access control solution.

AIT can offer the wider security package and by using ProView or similar packages can enable operators to configure the system to identify events that will trigger a camera view and/or the recording of video. Visit the CCTV section of our website

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Access Control Solution
AIT can provide you with a sophisticated access control solution, bespoke integration is available with relational databases. We can integrate with ID cards, CCTV, lifts, turnstiles, gates, car parks, almost anything you can think of.
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