Web based payment solution for Pcounter print management software.

Pcounter WebPay is an web-based, secure, accounting solution enabling purchase of Pcounter print credit by credit or debit card from any web browser on a 24/7 basis.

Fully customised to customer specifications, Pcounter WebPay allows secure payments to be made from any Internet-connected PC to a valid user account on the target network system.

Three simple user interfaces allow ease of access for students/library users, cashiers and administrators.

Pcounter WebPay supports or can add support for nearly all payment processing providers in all European countries.

Pcounter WebPay has a flexible pricing policy in place, and we can adapt our pricing for organisations of all sizes, from small local libraries to large universities with a large student and staff body.

You can let Pcounter WebPay pay for itself by adding a small charge or transaction fee when someone tops up their account therefore paying for itself and minimising the cost to yourselves.

Key Benefits

Easy integration

Connecting WebPay to the core Pcounter solution is a very simple operation and the system integrates easily with both Windows and Novell systems.

24/7 availability

WebPay gives you 24/7 access to update your accounts instantly. It works from any internet connected device for maximum convenience.

Highly secure

Using a number of encryption algorithyms ensures that any transactions are done securely. There is access to a full audit trail and WebPay has leading fail safe systems in place to ensure. security is maintained at all times

Cost reductions

With Pcounter WebPay in place you can reduce the time spent processing manual transactions for print credit. You can also train none IT staff to update the system reducing reliance on your IT team.

Key Features

Highly customisable

Pcounter WebPay can be customised to match the look and feel of your organisations branding, it can match your current website or intranet.

Multiple payment methods

Can use all Internet payment methods, such as debit or credit cards including national payment systems. It also integrates easily with the main payment processor providers.

Always available

Pcounter WebPay lets users update their account whenever they need, from any Internet connected computer, without involving IT staff.

Logging and reporting options

Pcounter WebPay can log all transactions and provide indepth financial reports that set out how the system is being used, whilst maintaining confidentiality of WebPay users.

What's Next?