In depth Pcounter reports that will inform and direct organisational strategy.

Information. It's what drives all organisations from schools to large corporations, with good information at hand, informed decisions can be made, and in many cases savings can be made.With our range of reporting tools you can gain great insights into your users printing habits and make changes to optimise how they print, where they print and what devices they print on.

The Pcounter core solution has a reporting feature that can provide some great insights into your Pcounter user's print habits. Some of the most popular report features in this entry level reporting module include:

  • Copy/Print/Scan breakdown
  • User specified metrics such as dates/time of print activity
  • Previous week or months activity
  • Compile reports by Users/Printers and Client Code
  • Reports on deposits made/received
  • Custom report options are available

Pcounter Web Reports

Away from our core reporting we have an advanced reporting suite, Pcounter Web Reports. This is an additional reporting module that will provide in depth browser based graphical reports. The standard data of Pcounter is imported to the PWR SQL database for detailed granular analysis and reporting via a browser based application.

XPR Reports

XPR Reports is the final additional module to the core Pcounter solution and it provides enhanced reporting and analysis. Pcounter's logged data is imported into its own database for selective analysis and reporting of print and copy transactions and cash reconciliation for deposit transactions via value loaders. XPR Reports allow non-IT staff to run in depth Pcounter reports.

Key Benefits

Green reporting

Pcounter web reports allows users to understand their environmental impact from their print activity, helping them to become more efficient and minimise impact

User friendly reports

Graphical reports enable users to understand quickly and easily Pcounter user activity. With Pcounter Web Reports this can also be browser based for increased convenience

Enhanced information

Management have access to increased levels of data and reports by implementing reports on Pcounter activity. This information can help build business cases for organisational change

Custom reporting

Only report on what is important to you. The simple to use reporting modules allow for bespoke reporting so that you only access and report on information is important to you

Key Features

Graphical Display

With Pcounter's reporting options you have access to in-depth graphical reports in colour that detail all Pcounter user information that you want to analyse

Scan and fax reporting

Not only can you report on print activity but you can also monitor and report on all scan and fax activity giving admin users a full understanding of print and copy usage

Variety of filter options

There are a variety of filter and output options available when compiling and exporting reports. All common file types are supported such as PDF and CSV

Customisable reports

With XPR reporting you can customise reports with end user branding, increasing user satisfaction and brand transparency