Pcounter TouchPad terminals work with Pcounter, an intelligent, flexible control and monitoring solution.

Pcounter is designed to manage combined print and photocopy activity. It is ideal for any organisation wanting to capture information on a pay for service basis - via a charge back mechanism - or for print auditing purposes.

Printers and photocopiers are managed with the Pcounter TouchPad terminal, which acts as a secure print release station.

The Pcounter TouchPad terminal supports user authentication by ID number, Network login entry, MIFARE™ and other card technologies, or biometrics.

All general administration of the Pcounter TouchPad solution is kept low with an array of automated functions available to keep processes simple. Additional transaction details for charge backs is possible for nominated users, which includes cost centres, budget or client codes.

A built in 2-port Ethernet Hub allows any host network device to connect directly to the Pcounter TouchPad terminal, eradicating the need for two hard wired network ports. This new feature eliminates further disruption to your wiring infrastructure - saving you time and money.


Key Benefits

One simple solution

Centralised, integrated accounting and reporting is ensured with Pcounter and TouchPad terminals in place. Monitor and report on all print output

Secure system

The Pcounter TouchPad terminals offer a flexible and easily configurable authentication system that ensures access to print output remains secure

ID card independent

Most common card technologies are supported if using our TouchPad terminals, and you can use any existing ID, security or card technology that you may have in place

Vendor independent

All printers, copiers and multifunction models are supported when integrated with our TouchPad terminals. This ensures seamless integration with existing and future hardware

Key Features

Real time control

Take advantage of real-time copier control and print accounting when integrating TouchPad terminals and Pcounter to control and monitor your print output

Configurable display

Editable display capabilities make the TouchPad terminals highly configurable and adaptable for a range of organisations

Touchscreen technology

Easy to use touchscreen technology makes releasing print jobs simple and quick for your users

Manufacturer independent

Our TouchPad terminals are print manufacturer independent. Whatever print device you have our TouchPad terminal will work seamlessly with them