Account and charge for client based printing usage easily and quickly with Pcounter.

If you are a professional organisation that needs to account for printing done on behalf of clients.

In organisation's both small or large there will be a need for a shared account that is accessible to a group of users in order for them to associate print jobs with.

Intelligent customisable pop-up messages can be configured to enable users to allocate the cost of printed output to a cost centre, department, project or perhaps a client code for external billing.

One or two level charge-codes can be set up, either manually via the Administration interface or imported automatically from external sources or database systems.

Codes can be associated with selected users or groups to improve accuracy and security of selection.

Client Billing - Who needs it?

Client billing is ideal for any organisation that needs to associate print costs to a specific account. It is ideal for law, architectural, accountants, graphic firms and other types of professional organisations who need to charge clients for their printing.

The convenience that Pcounter can bring to any organisation is huge, and with a simple confirmation and pop-up messaging system it is simple to assign a code to a client and ensure accurate print accounting for any client.

Key Benefits

Multi-level charge codes

Admin users can set up single or multi-level charge codes for increased accuracy when it comes to client code billing

Search for accounts

Simply and quickly search for client accounts using their name or a uniquely assigned client code

Increased accountability

Using client billing functionality on Pcounter allows organisations to accurately account for clients print output and charge for this

Variable costs

Assign multiple costs to the same account/client. If you are printing different types of document you can assign more expensive charges to higher quality prints and vice versa for lower cost print jobs