Improving unauthorised absences

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

With Attendance and Engagement Monitoring solutions.

Discover how attendance and engagement monitoring solutions help improve student retention

You work hard to attract the best students to your university and it’s an expensive business! Involving outreach, marketing, open days and to attract international students, overseas travel for exhibitions and events. So once you got them you absolutely want to keep them!

Retaining students is a complex business and there is no silver bullet I’m afraid. There are often complex and unforeseen variables as to why a student drops out (usually in the first semester). But with some strategic thinking and using the best solutions universities can certainly reduce drop outs.

University departments need to work as one team

Firstly, you need to work in harmony across all your departments, from estates managers to academic registrars and student support services, the whole team has a role to play. From providing state of the art facilities to making support services really easy to access will all enhance how welcome and valued students feel. Obviously it goes without saying that the academic side of student life is the most important part, after all to leave university with the best degree possible is most students’ main goal.

Easily monitor students’ attendance

As an organisation you want to know quickly and easily that students are attending lectures, seminars or tutorials, they are handing in course work and other assignments. You also want to keep unauthorised absences to an absolute minimum. Good attendance levels, as you will be aware, go hand in hand with students successfully completing their degree.

Enables earlier dialogue to improve student retention

If a student has a record of unauthorised or erratic attendance this is often a sign of lack of engagement or other problems and therefore this type of student is at a higher risk of not completing their studies. A great solution for managing this is an attendance and engagement monitoring system. These types of solutions offer tools to improve and drive retention, set red flags for unauthorised absences or late delivery of assignments, armed with this information staff can start dialogue with these students and offer additional support to be put in place.

Designed for the HE sector’s needs

AIT’s attendance and engagement solution is cloud based and has been specifically developed for the higher education sector. It not only offers all the key features you need for managing attendance it will also integrate with other campus systems such as building security and access control, printing etc. so each swipe of a student’s ID card is recorded, the obvious benefits of this is you get a much better picture of how well students are engaging with wider campus life, which when coupled with attendance data, gives a richer data set and a truer picture of student’s interactions. The solution also offers curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management tools, along with the ability to use iBeacons or a mobile phone app instead of or alongside a student’s ID card.

If you would like to know more about AIT’s Attendance and Engagement Monitoring solution you can find more details here or take a couple of minutes to watch our video here.