Four reasons for cloud print management

Monday, 26th February, 2018

Four compelling reasons to move your print management to the cloud. 

Cloud solutions are all around us and most of us will use them on a daily basis, whether that’s to check an email on the go, watch a film or view our photos. Safe to say the cloud is here to stay!

Moving your organisations print management to the cloud makes good sense, so here are our four top reasons!

  1. If offers effortless centralised management of your entire print environment – whether you operate just one office or have multiple locations (national or global) you’ll be able to deploy devices, manage users and enforce print rules all from one portal. This brings a consistency of experience for your employees regardless of location and offers global control of your print policies. It gives IT managers greater control over device purchases as our solution is manufacturer agnostic, so they can buy the best devices at the best prices and still manage them centrally and with our unique patented one driver technology you no longer have the headache of installing multiple print drivers.
  2. Always up to date and always secure. With our cloud print management solution, you know you’ll always be running the latest version and be taking advantage of the latest features and all of this is, as you’d expect, included in your subscription cost. Cloud solutions by their nature come with a high degree of resilience so you can be assured that your printing is always on. When it comes to security our solution complies with these standards
    1. Encrypt data on the networkCloud Print Management Servers
    2. Encrypt data on the server
    3. Encrypt data on the hard disk of the MFP
    4. Strong encryption of job data using AES – 256 algorithm
    5. EU based data centres for EUGDPR compliance
    6. Less physical infrastructure to manage. With no need for print servers you’ll have less hardware to worry about managing, updating or patching and of course, less infrastructure to go wrong! As mentioned above cloud solutions come with resilience built in and failover provision in place. In the rare event there was a failure of internet connection either print jobs can be spooled locally, at the client or sent to a secondary/back-up server, ready for release at the MFD or to print directly to a nearby device.
    7. No print drivers – most IT helpdesk managers will agree that managing print driver issues are the main print related issues their teams have to deal with. By using a truly universal print driver our cloud print management solution greatly reduces these calls freeing up helpdesk staff to work on more crucial tasks.

To find out more about how cloud print management would benefit your business we have a number of resources on our website which you can find here, here and here