Stop malicious links in emails

Monday, 22nd January, 2018

In a world of increasing cyber threats a layered approach to cyber security is essential.

Most organisations will be using some form or email security or email filtering software such as SecureSMART from FuseMail, these types of solutions filter out spam emails and emails that contain viruses. Depending on your solution you can also control what data leaves your organisation via email, protecting you against data loss. Many offer business continuity and archiving options too.

PadlockBut as we all know, the perpetrators of cybercrime are getting more and more sophisticated, this puts a burden on already overstretched IT departments, who constantly need to review their IT security systems and solutions to make sure they are up to the ever changing demands of keeping ahead of cyber criminals.

You will have all read in the news about the many phishing and ransomware attacks that took place in 2017, there is little doubt that these are only set to increase in 2018. Many of these attacks were delivered via emails containing malicious links and could have been prevented. Deploying options that will safeguard your network against these types of attacks makes sense.

Not all links are safe

A zero-day attack can see what appears to be an innocent email containing web links successful pass through spam/virus filters and be delivered to the recipient. However, the web link contain in the mail is ‘weaponised’ and a brief time and is now pointed to a phishing or ransomware site or to a site where malicious content can be downloaded to a computer or network.

ClickSMART from FuseMail provides another layer of protection against these sorts of attacks by preventing email recipients from clicking on dangerous URLs. It rewrites web links in email enabling them to be scanned at the time of click. ClickSMART examines clean email messages for web links and replaces these with a custom link back to the ClickSMART service. The email is then sent on to the recipient. When the recipient clicks a link one of two things happens.

Let ClickSMART do it's magic

If the original email is still held in the FuseMail system, it is retrieved and the entire contents rescanned along with web links. Or if the original email is not available, ClickSMART scans the original web link. If the original message or web link is considered malicious then the user is warned of the risk or blocked entirely from accessing the web page referenced by the URL depending on the policy set by your administrators.

Watch FuseMail’s video to learn more about how ClickSMART will protect your network. Or if you’d like to know more about how FuseMail’s product range can help reduce your security risks call us on 0113 273 0300.

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