Six reasons to use kiosks for visitor management

Monday, 15th January, 2018

Manage your visitors more efficiently

Making sure your visitors have a good first impression is always important, whether the visitor is a major shareholder or a job candidate, queuing at reception can undermine this and puts unnecessary pressure on your reception staff.

Using touchscreen kiosks in your reception area is a great way to streamline your visitor’s arrival experience and reduce queues. In this blog we take a look at six of the key reasons why you should consider touchscreen kiosk for your reception areas.

  1. Touchscreen kiosks are perfect for those organisations who host many events. In these instances, attendees simply go to the kiosk, select their event and follow the onscreen instructions to complete their registration. This can include taking a photo and printing a visitor badge, which can include the details of the event they are attending aiding easy identification once the visitor is in the building. In a reception area that is either permanently unstaffed or unstaffed for periods of time, visitors can easily check in themselves without compromising security. At the kiosk they will receive a welcome message, have easy to use, step by step instructions for registering as well as be prompted to sign any documents that you require them to sign. Their photo can be taken and badge printed. You can also configure the kiosk so an email is sent to their host to alert them they have arrived.
  2. Kiosks can be a quicker way for pre-registered visitors to check-in and avoid queuing, in this case they would scan a barcode from a pre-registration email to complete their booking in process. Again a photo and badge can be printed and their host advised of arrival. You can also ensure they read and sign any relevant documents such as your health and safety policy as part of the check-in process.
  3. Administrators have a suite of powerful tools that can define rules to ensure you get exactly the information you need from your visitors, manage returning visitors to speed up their arrival experience or check for duplicate or blacklisted visitors.
  4. The touchscreen kiosks can be personalised to reflect your corporate branding; this includes display your logo or using your corporate colours. You also have the option to display a welcome message which is perfect for creating a more personalised experience for your visitors.
  5. Our kiosks come with the option to upload your messages in video format or display key messages as a video such as your emergency evacutation procedures or other health and safety information, this option makes the whole check-in processes more engaging and interactive.
  6. If your organisation requires visitors to read and sign documents (NDA’s, safe contractor policies etc) as part of your check-in process, this can all be done via the touchscreen kiosk. It is enforced by not allowing a visitor to the next stage until they have read and confirmed. A record of this is held electronically so you have an audit trial for your compliance purposes.

So there you have it, six good reasons to add touchscreen kiosks to your reception area. If you like to find out more please give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email your enquiry to