Cloud print management and GDPR compliance

Thursday, 30th November, 2017

I’m sure you will be aware that on 25th May 18 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force.

Accountability and transparency are at the heart of GDPR. Your business will need to be able to explain how you store, protect and process personal data as well as have procedures and processes in place to demonstrate your compliance. Your printing, copying and scanning activities are a form of processing and shouldn’t be overlooked as part of your wider GDPR compliance.

Unsecured printing solutions or activity is an area of potential weakness in compliance. The devices used to print (MFDs/MFPs) are vulnerable to attack and documents printed and left on a printer are a serious risk for data loss, bear in mind 62% of data breaches are down to human error according to a recent article in Computer Weekly, so it is important that this risk be minimised.

Therefore, you should consider implementing measures to:

  • Protect sensitive information including documents and systems
  • Control access to documents
  • Methods for detecting data breaches

Cloud print management helps deliver GDPR compliance in relation to print, copy or scanning regardless of your business size or complexity by:

  • Protecting printed documents by deploying secure print release
                    Protection of data/preventing loss of data
  • Providing a full audit trail of who printed what, when and from where
                    Transparency/data breach investigations
  • Easy data control             
                    Right to be forgotten
  • Ease of identifying personal data
                    Right of access requests
  • Privacy by design and security of processing
                    GDPR technical capability requirements

Our partners at One Q have put together a very comprehensive guide on GDPR and compliance for printing. This looks at five levels of need and which elements of our cloud print management solution meets each levels requirements. Levels range from basic (e.g for smaller businesses) to high security where extra security measures are needed (e.g for NHS, defence, R & D)

You can download your free copy here

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