Take control of visitor management

Monday, 23rd October, 2017

And wow your guests

First impressions count – whether you consciously realise this or not, you will be able to instantly recall when you have been warmly welcomed and made to feel like a VIP.

For many organisations, looking after their visitors is a challenge, we get to hear about many of these when we’re talking to our customers and there are similarities across differing business types. Do you recognise any of the below?

  • Unmanageable queues at peak times leading to reception congestion
  • Large groups of visitor when you hold events or open days
  • The hassle of having to constantly re-key in information for your regular visitors, such as contractors, cleaners or catering staff
  • What happens in the event of a fire, how accurate would your roll call be? And more importantly can you access a roll call once you’ve exited the building?
  • How easy is it to make sure your visitors are complying with your Health and Safety Policies?
  • What about unwanted visitors or keeping undesirables out
  • How do you allocate visitor parking?  Is it a bit of a lottery for your visitors – could you manage this in a better way?
  • How about multiple sites, such as a large campus, with many entrances/reception areas.

Using a visitor management solution is a simple but effective way to polish up your visitor’s experience and overcome these common issues.

You can offer self-service registration, where the visitor  enters their details at a touchscreen kiosk, here they can read and sign they have read any health and safety information or signed other documentation, maybe a non-disclosure agreement or that they are properly equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (this would mainly apply to contractors) and then print their badge.

For big events you can pre-register visitors so they can walk up to a kiosk and simply swipe a bar code that you’ll have issued ahead of arrival and when they leave they just tap out again at the kiosk(s).

For events such as training sessions you can batch check in/out visitors – greatly reducing the need for your reception team to key in lots to time consuming information over and over again!.

For returning visitors their details can be stored and pulled up instantly on arrival, with all their necessary approvals in place – how welcoming is that?

Visitor vehicles can be pre-registered and spaces allocated so from the moment of arrival they are enjoying a welcoming experience – this information would ideally be sent in a pre-registration email along with a barcode this would enable visitors to use the self–registration kiosk to check in and print their badge.

The solution also allows you to book resources and equipment against particular visitors/events.

For multi-tenanted buildings you can also set up each company or a department within a company or multiple lobbies, you can book meeting rooms and resources as well.

And why does all this matter?

Well, as I already mentioned, first impressions are important. Using CardExchange™ Visitor will ensure your visitors feel welcomed. A warm welcome with a slick process speaks volumes about your business and professionalism – we can all recall when we’ve been made to feel special and how that positively affects us! Additionally, it’s an easy way to ensure you are complying with your company policies around health and safety and non-disclosure agreements. And you are in control of who you are allowing into your business.

Improve Security

It probably goes without saying that by using some form of visitor management you’ll be overcoming many security concerns.

  • You know who’s where, when and for how long
  • Roll call reports, needed for evacuation, are really easy to pull up and can be generated from a mobile device once you have evacuated.
  • This solution allows you to create a watch list of visitors that you may prefer not to have on your premises, this could be disgruntled ex-employees or know trouble makers
  • You can retain records of who visited you really easily.
  • You could even set an expiry time on the visitor badge so controlling the length of time visitors can stay – this will help with insurance and for some industries, compliance requirements.
  • And of course  staff will feel more secure and protected

Seamless solution

Seamless solution is an overused phrase by technology companies, but in this case, it is the right description. CardExchange™ comes in three elements.

CardExchange™ Gateway - this is in effect the engine where you manage CardExchange™ Visitor and if you are using CardExchange™ Producer, card production software,  you also manage that from the same Gateway. Of course, you can use Producer with CardExchange™ Visitor to design and print all your visitor badges. So under one portal you have access to two solutions both with the same Microsoft look and feel – this is designed to make the software as easy and intuitive to use as possible .

What’s next?

If you’d like a more in-depth look at any of the CardExchange™ products we’d be happy to organise a demonstration for you, just give us a call on 0113 273 0300

If you’re not ready to talk to us just yet, our website has lots of information on Visitor Management  and the other CardExchange™ solutions -  Click here