Stop and Verify and Identify application

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017

Security of your staff and students is always high on your priority lists and we have made it our business to help you achieve this. As well as being able to offer first class Door Access Systems, ID cards and consumables, we are now adding a new string to our bow in the form of an App used from a portable identification unit to allow you to Stop and Verify and Identify – we have fondly named our new App SaVI

Due to results of market research we have recently carried out, we have found that many large educational establishments have issues with identifying people on campus and establishing if they should be on site at that time. It is an unfortunate reality today that we cannot allow people to go undetected in our Campuses. The risk is just too high. Security is paramount at all times.

We understand it can be difficult to stop and ask someone for ID and know quickly who they are and what they are doing on your site. We believe we’ve gone some way to having the answer. By simply swiping the students ID card on a handheld device (something as simple as a smartphone or mini tablet) our app will instantly show you the students full details, course details and current status. It can answer many questions immediately, such as if a student has recently been excluded, if the card they are using has been blocked for some reason and why this person may be on your site at all.

Our App can also be used to disburse groups of students that may be loitering. By connecting to your timetabling system, this allows you to identify where a student should be at any given time, so groups can be sent on their way, or again identify if members of the group have no reason to be onsite.

The App can also be used to collect data from groups, perhaps to verify attendance on a field trip or out of hour’s exhibition. Once the card is swiped, the data is recorded and can be analysed for trends, to look for reoccurring names and issues. The system is live so information collected is immediate and real. This means identified issues can be dealt with immediately.

It can be used for so many things the list can go on.  As well as common themes that run through many education establishments where security is concerned, each will also have their own requirements and we wold love to hear from you about any issues that you are experiencing that we might be able to help you with. Below is a summary list of the key issues already identified and how our  App can help:

  • Individuals on campus – instantly verify their right to be there, even out of hours
  • In case of an emergency, instantly retrieve associated medical conditions and emergency contact details
  • Facilitate student movement around campus
  • Instant access to the students timetabling information
  • Event security – verification of an individual’s right to be there, offsite and onsite
  • Registering students attendance at offsite field trips

Are you ready to take your security to the next level? To be able to identify people at any time wherever you are on campus? If the answer to this is yes, then please give me a call. I can be reached on our main office number 0113 273 0300.