Is your security system in need of some attention?

Monday, 24th July, 2017

Your security system plays a major part in ensuring the safety of your people and premises, with this in mind, when was the last time you upgraded or serviced your security solutions? With a myriad of technologies in use it’s hard to keep up to date, coupled with extra pressures around safeguarding, especially for the education sector, now might be a good time to audit and review your current security set up and make sure it is meeting your exact needs. How old is it? Does it need upgrading, does it still deliver the right level of security. What about the access to your buildings, are all entrances and exits secured. Do you need CCTV and should it be integrated with your door access control?

Is it costing you more than it should?
You may be managing a costly, outdated solution, especially if you are still dealing with locks and keys. What happens when a key is miss-placed? The whole lock and key needs to be replaced, which can be very costly. Your solution may need closely managing with constant surveillance to ensure everything is running smoothly, this need to over manage is often due to an old or out of date system or legacy systems that you cannot integrate together. These results in a lot of man hours lost to unnecessary administration and staff frustrations.

Having a modern, fit for purpose solution in place will also reduce your insurance costs. Your insurance premiums may be calculated based on the increased security offered by an up-to-date security solution including access control. Having an outdated legacy system in place would likely mean higher premiums and exclusion of some cover, meaning your risk of loss from any security related claims would be higher.

Is your current solution hard to manage?
Sometimes security fails as solutions that are in place are hard to integrate, manage and maintain.You may struggle to keep track of who is where, to manage restricted areas, or multiple sites. If you have many other systems in place that rely on ID cards, such as printing, catering as well as door access, do you have to administer different cards for these systems. Too many systems operating independently are an administrative and logistical nightmare, offering too many points of failure.

Maintenance Contracts
maintaining what you have in place is an important way of keeping your security as up to date as possible, because as we all know, prevention is better than the cure... This means regular maintenance visits need to be carried out. However if you have many different systems, from numerous suppliers this can be a challenge to manage not to mention time-consuming. Don’t let an incident be the reason to leap into action! Ideally you need maintenance engineers to check and test all parts of your security system regularly, this type of preventative maintenance ensures that everything is as it should that be, whether that’s the electrical or battery powered elements of your solutions. Regular upkeep of your system and its parts will help to avoid any incidents or malfunctions.

We hope after reading this article you’ll be inspired to review your security solutions and take a look at what maintenance levels you have in place?

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