5 ways to create a seamless visitor experience

Tuesday, 4th July, 2017

First impressions are important to every organisation - whether you’re welcoming new students, new clients or new employees your visitor’s initial experience can really set the right impression. So how can you be sure you create that great first impression and give your visitors a seamless experience?  Firstly put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and consider what they see when first arriving at your premises. From this, you really start to understand the visitor experience from the customers view point and effectively make changes. To help you on your way here are our five top tips.

Reception areas
Of course your reception area is a visitor’s first look into your organisation so make sure it feels welcoming. Providing good seating and a good visual impression can help as does making use of new technologies that make life easier for visitors. Creating a virtual reception by using self-service kiosks for them to use to register their arrival is a good way to welcome visitors; saving them time, is easy to use and looks great.

Communal and waiting areas
You need to think about your communal and waiting areas too. You will need to decide what kind of visitor pass works best for you and any facilities you offer in this area, such as coffee machines or other types of vending, making sure your visitors can easily use these is a great way for them to feel welcomed.

Frequency and types of visitors
Think about both the footfall and frequency of your visitors and who they are, they might be a VIP, a contractors or a cleaner. For a more VIP visitor a personalised service maybe more appropriate and a contractor may require a no fuss approach as they need to gain access quickly, easily and in all likelihood on a regular basis. What about if you experience multiple visitors in a short time frame such as on open days; you probably want these visitors to experience a faster entry process and move them through your reception in an organised and efficient manner.

Pre-registration for visitors
Offering your visitors the option to self-register ahead of their visit makes sense, obviously you need to keep track of who is on your premises for security, health and safety reasons or if there is an emergency such as a fire. Allowing visits to pre-register ahead of arrival speeds up their check in and reduces reception congestion, particularly at peak periods. It also means whoever they are visiting can make the necessary arrangements for meeting and greeting or ensuring visitors know exactly where to go.

Visitor management software
Use a visitor management solution to track, identify and document your visitors is a simple way to achieve all of the above. Managing visitors and their arrival experience is easier and improves reception efficiency. By implementing a visitor management solution, you can analyse visitor data, generate reports  and see who’s been where, and who they’ve visited giving you a greater understanding of visitor trends, helping you to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of staffing and visitor security Creating a seamless visitor experience has never been easier with CardExchange™ Visitor Management.

If you would like to learn more about what CardExchange™ Visitor Management can do for your reception and your visitors click here. Alternatively, you can call 0113 273 0300 for an informal chat or email solutions@ait.co.uk.