Attendance monitoring and student funding in colleges

Monday, 3rd July, 2017

Colleges continue to face many challenges

There can be no doubt that colleges are facing many challenges such as; students still needing to attain GCSEs in Maths and English,  ensuring students achieve both academically then successfully move to employment, managing funding formulas and reporting on planned hours to make sure all their students are properly funded.

Planned hours are likely to be a big challenge. To count planned hours must be timetabled, organised and/or supervised by the institution and can include:

  • Planned tutor let activity on courses leading to qualifications
  • Planned hours of tutorials, work experience or work preparation
  • Planned hours on other activities relevant to the students study programme that are organised and proved by the institution such as sport or volunteering

Colleges need to accurately record planned hours on the students Individual Learning Record (ILR) to avoid problems with funding.

How to overcome these problems

Colleges can overcome some of these problems by using attendance and engagement monitoring solutions (sometimes referred to as time and attendance). This allows colleges to be able to know that students are attending college when they should be and accurately record their study hours. Depending on the option chosen, colleges may also set flags to identify students that could be experiencing difficulties in achieving their planned hours and work with these students to address any issues.

AIT can offer two options for managing attendance. One is a simple, entry level solution that records an ID card number, date/time and location of the reader that read the card. This is a great low cost option that uses an SQL database to store the records; this can either be interrogated to produce student attendance records or configured to pass the information to a host of other student management systems.

Cloud solution

The second option is a cloud-based solution, which records attendance and provides an absence management tool. Attendance is captured via ID cards, iBeacons or a mobile app. It is designed to set flags to identify students who could be experiencing attendance problems, allowing staff to work with these students to understand why this might be happening.  It also offers real-time integration into existing systems including timetabling, curriculum planning or schedule management tools.

Whichever option you decide is right for your college will bring real benefits in improving the ease and accuracy of recording planned hours, keep ILR records updated and ensuring you get the proper funding for each student.

To learn more about AIT solutions you can either watch our video – click here or visit the Attendance and Engagement page of this website here. Alternatively feel free to call us to discuss how we can help you 0113 273 0300.