Tech blog - Protection of your resources and data with AIT

Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017

Over the last week, there has been much mention of the topic of cyber-attacks and social media/news sources have been inundated with information about flaws/prevention/cure. In addition to my previous blog related to IT Security, protection of resources/data is also at the forefront of an IT department’s mind.

How can we help to accomplish such a feat? Ensuring that operating systems are updated regularly, in addition to the decommissioning of legacy operating systems is advice that has proven to be useful.

Ensure that stakeholders at your organisation are vigilant in their approach and can identify phishing emails and suspect websites, for example. AIT is at the forefront of such technology, with our Fusemail cloud-based email/web filtering software, ensuring that any spam/virus related emails are quarantined. The most recent addition to which is URL protection, to prevent access to URLs that are unsafe and may be malicious.  More information is available by clicking here.

Backup data regularly, so that it can be restored in the event of an attack. As an integration company, a number of AIT customers have had bepoke scripts/backup routines written to assist with their day-to-day data management.

Lastly, by ensuring that your IT security policy is robust enough to avoid attack. For example, changing passwords regularly, set privileges to file systems appropriately.  This is especially important in an environment where public access is needed. A recent discussion I had with a customer running LTAuditor, our user activity monitoring software, revealed that a service account had been set to access a resource multiple times. This had resulted in an account being locked out and an application being deemed unusable due to this. Real time monitoring of the network in case was beneficial and helped to address this issue. For more information regarding LTAuditor click here. 

The AIT is team always happy to discuss any issues and listen to the thoughts of our customers on how our products and services can assist. Our live chat being one of the most recent developments. Or you can give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email