Secure cloud print management without local servers

Print Monitor allows even those organisations with a complex infrastructure to enjoy advanced secure cloud print management without the need for local print servers.

Print Monitor is an optional add-on, deployed on workstations, which acts like a printing wizard. Helping users choose to print in the most cost effective format and to a device of their choice where they can then securely release print jobs. You can restrict the choice of devices users can see depending on company policies. This ability to securely release print jobs supports IT security policies and compliance requirements such as EUGDPR.

Print Monitor can be deployed in the cloud or if you prefer on premise (and later transferred to the cloud if policies change). It ensures your users can print even when the network connection to a central server is down with no loss of transaction or statistical data. This is achieved by each local sites infrastructure having no local print server(s), print job files are saved on the workstation where Print Monitor is installed, metadata (which uses little network bandwidth) is then sent to the central server so printing is no burden on the network connection. If network connections to the central server fail, users will still be able to print and metadata will be synchronised once the connection is restored.

Print Monitor is ideal for those organisations who want to:

  • Remove or reduce the number of decentralised print servers
  • Reduce print driver/queue administrations at workstations
  • Are geographically widespread but still want centralised management and control
  • Have users who need to print whilst on the move
  • Have limited or unreliable bandwidth
  • Have a very mobile workforce who regularly move between locations

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