Enterprise cloud based print management

Our cloud-based secure print management offering, from OneQ, is a feature rich solution that offers a highly secure and easy way to manage your organisations printing and copying requirements in the cloud.

Security v Costs?

On average, 30% of organisations IT support issues are print related and 63% of enterprises have been the victims of print related security breaches. Getting the right balance between security and cost has, in the past, been challenging. - but with cloud print management this is no longer the case.

The Benefits

Cloud Print Managment Benefits

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Print Management For Finance And Corporate
Our print management solution is used widely in various financial & corporate institutions, ranging from PLCs, SMEs and LLPs. Never before has it been so important to control paper waste and also meet financial regulations.
Manufactured by: ANDTechnologies

Cloud Print Management

What You Need to Know

Innovative Technology

Using patented technology, files are converted on the print server delivering a true one-driver solution, which is easily deployed and maintained. Perfect for a fleet that consists of a range of different models or manufacturers.

Lower TCO

Coupled with server-less printing, which eradicates the need to install, maintain and support a multitude of servers you benefit from a lower TCO without losing the functionality you expect from a print management solution.

Easy Configuration

Deployed and set up in hours to best suit your business needs, print jobs go directly to the printer via the LAN, however metadata for rules, reports and authentication go via a secure VPN into the cloud where they are managed.

Less IT Support

The less drivers being managed results in less support cases for your Help desk team to deal with, freeing them to work on more crucial tasks or projects.

What's Next?