Tips for improving your reception and visitor experience

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

Tips for improving your reception 

In all organisations, it is essential to control visitors to your premises, ensuring maximum security for your staff, students and assets. It’s also just as important to give visitors a professional welcome and the right impression when they arrive.

Did you know that using an electronic visitor management solution the process of identifying, tracking, and the documenting of visitors becomes a lot easier, improves reception efficiency and gives your visitors just the right impression? With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you a few tips on improving your reception to give your visitors the wow factor by using CardExchange™ Visitor Management software.

Tip 1 - Use a self-service kiosk and create a virtual reception. This can save time, is easy to use, looks great and gives your receptionists the opportunity to carry out other important duties that may be required of them. It not only gives your visitors a smooth ride through reception but also shows that your organisation embraces new technologies.

Tip 2 - Keep it simple with CardExchange™ Visitor Management as with just a few simple steps it is easy to register, authorise, manage and track visitors. Many visitors will be using a digital receptionist for the first time so the simpler the better and with CardExchange™ software it couldn’t be simpler or easier.

Tip 3 - Analyse your visitor traffic. With CardExchange™ Visitor Management you are able to generate reports on who are visiting, what time and for how long and much more, giving you a better understanding of traffic, trends and these results can help with the overall effectiveness and efficiency of staffing, visitor security procedures and the visitor experience.

Tip 4 - Visitor badges that expire for additional security. With visitor management software you are able to give visitors access to only the places they need to be and only for the time they need to be visiting. If they try to gain access elsewhere on your premises where they are not meant to be, they will not be able to gain access and reception will be notified. This safeguards your staff, students and assets too.

Tip 5 - Let your visitors know that they can register online before they arrive. This is especially great for events, it reduces reception congestion and becomes a much slicker operation if your visitors to that event that have already registered. It also makes life easier for visitors too. No hanging around the reception to register when they get to the event.  

Tip 6 – You can keep your staff, students and assets even safer as you can add certain undesirable visitors to a watch list, this list can be created or it can be connected to a third party application to check government databases. If a visitor is on a watch list this can be flagged when the visitor tries to register with you. The safety of employees and visitors is also made easier with a one-click evacuation report feature.

With visitor management software think about the visitors your organisation receives, do they have to queue at your reception whilst necessary administration is done? Do you even have a process for receiving visitors? Do you often host meetings on site? Do you often hold open days or events on site? If yes to any of these you are ready for visitor management software.

A good visitor management solution saves your organisation time and creates a positive first impression to all visitors arriving at your reception.  It allows an accurate and efficient record of all individuals that have been on your premises, helps to increase security, whilst streamlining your visitor booking in process and reducing reception congestion.

CardExchange™ Visitor Management will meet the needs of any business and can be used for all types of visitors, whether that is contractors, cleaners or VIPs. No more queuing at reception while necessary administrative has to be done, no unwanted guests but always giving your visitors that wow factor. 

Hopefully these tips have given you some advice on what benefits you can expect when using a visitor management solution, if you would like to learn more about what CardExchange™ Visitor Management  can do for your business click here.  Alternatively, you can call 0113 273 0300 for an informal chat or email