Safeguard and improve student mental wellbeing

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

Your students come in many shapes and sizes, from a range of diverse backgrounds and countries. Some of these students may be classed as vulnerable and it’s important that these students, in particular, are helped to progress and attain the best results they can and have the best experience they can whilst with you.  Safeguarding all students remains the key priority for all educational organisations and focusing on reducing absences serves to support this aim and priority.

It's also inevitable that some students, may encounter unexpected issues academically, personally or mentally that will require extra support and safeguarding as part of your duty of care, it is crucial that you have the right processes and solutions in place to be able to pick up the early warning signs.

So there are a lot of demands on university and college managers; from ensuring your students mental wellbeing to knowing how they performing academically and just how engaged they are so you can achieve the best retention rates possible

In many universities and colleges, student data is often held by different departments and in different data silos. This makes collating and analysing student data relating to attendance, performance and engagement a monumental and labour intensive task.

But you can take a different approach, by bringing all your disparate data streams on attendance, performance and engagement into one management portal. Here data can be analysed, managers can easily understand attendance patterns and academic performance. Staff can set flags and alerts for early intervention where help and support can be put in place, which of course will contribute towards those good student retention rates, but more importantly to  good student mental wellbeing.

Current thinking suggests that at the heart of a good engagement strategy should be the nurturing of good relationships between students and academics along with regular feedback on learning. Using AIT’s attendance monitoring and engagement allows you to take this proactive approach. The solution is cloud based and offers a powerful yet easy to use system, which monitors attendance and allows you to understand how engaged students are with academic life as well as campus and student life in general, this gives you as managers a clearer picture of how they are coping. 

Why not find out more about how we can help by watching our video by clicking here. Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with us about how we can help or see a demonstration of what we can put in place, please email us on  or call today on 0113 273 0300.