Choose your access control supplier with care

Thursday, 27th April, 2017

At a time when security threats seem ever present and violent crime appears to on the rise, making sure you choose the right security supplier to meet your business’s security needs, now and in the future, is vital.

This is an area where you cannot afford to be complacent and we won’t deny that good physical security is still the cornerstone of your security policy, but now businesses need to take advantage of the latest technologies to broaden the scope of their defences.

Your business needs to be confident that your security provider can meet your challenges and have the technical skills to do this, this means seeking out those suppliers that offer more than just a basic service. We’ve put together our list of top five things to consider next time you’re looking for a new supplier.

1. Technical capability

  • Does the company have the relevant technical skills and accreditations?
  • Are the staff employed or do they sub-contract staff?
  • How well qualified are their team?
  • Have staff been vetted, carry identification and are they easily recognisable?
  • Do they have a team of in house technical staff to support and maintain your system
  • Are they ISO Quality assured?
  • Are they registered with CHAS, Construction Line etc?

 2. References

  • Does the supplier offer reference sites and can you visit?
  • Are case studies available?
  • Can they demonstrate similar work?
  • Do they let you have sight of their Health and Safety documents and risk assessments?

3. Ongoing Support

  • Does the supplier have service engineers available for call outs?
  • Do they have a good relationship with their supplier/manufacturer for additional support?
  • Do they offer annual service options for preventative maintenance?

4. Reputation

  • How financially stable is the supplier?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can you visit their premises and meet their teams?

5. Product Range

  • Does the supplier have a broad product range and can they supply everything you need?
  • Do they have software integration skills?
  • Do they understand the latest technologies such as cloud access control and IP CCTV
  • Will they come to site and undertake a comprehensive site survey and make recommendations that demonstrate they understand your business needs
  • Do they sell products from marketing leading manufacturers?

So there you have it, with good research and asking the right questions you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect security partner.

If you’d like to know more about AIT’s security product range please click here. If you’d like to know how we stack up as a security supplier just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you 0113 273 0300.