Are you ready for your next intake of students?

Friday, 17th March, 2017

Safety in any environment should never be compromised but especially not in an educational environment... where the safety of students and staff is essential not only for their personal safety but to ensure you are meeting your safeguarding obligations. So I hope you no longer just rely on a traditional lock and key system!

There is a huge array of access control solutions on the market from the traditional fully networked system right through to using the cloud and embracing the Keys as a Service concept. Using an intelligent state for the art access control solution will ensure that managing security on your premises is easier, security is improved and it gives you plenty of flexibility to set exactly the right access levels for your organisation and, of course, it is much more effective than relying on a lock and key. A good access control system will provide not only secure entrances but also a full date and time stamped audit trail to show you exactly where individuals have been whilst on your premises and when.

With the ability to set very granular access rights you can restrict students from certain areas such as staff rooms, finance offices or other restricted areas. It also limits student and indeed staff access to areas during certain times of the day, such as gyms, libraries and other departments so only the people that should be in there, are in there. In halls of residence it will foster a sense of safety both for new students and their parents.

Generally, access to your premises and buildings is granted by the use of a contactless ID card (usually a student or staff card) but you can go that one-step further and offer smartphone access control. What student doesn’t have a smartphone glued to their hand nowadays? Whichever identification method you choose you can be confident that ID’s can be automatically black listed if needed or blocked if lost or stolen and all by the click of a button via the management software (no need to manually go round updating doors). For additional security, you can integrate CCTV, intruder or fire alarms with an access control system to achieve a fully unified approach to security.

Now is a good time of year to review your security to check it’s fit for purpose and ready to protect your new intake in September. As we all know, many freshers will be living away from home for the first time and often in a brand new city, so ensuring they feel safe and secure around campus and in their accommodation is vital to helping them quickly settle in to university life.

Having the right access control solution can greatly improve student and staff safety, improve building management and save money. Oh and you’ll never have to deal with replacing locks and keys again.

So are you ready for the class of 2017? If you want to improve your security click here to learn how we can help or why not watch our video by clicking here.  Alternatively contact us on 0113 273 0300 or email to discuss your needs.