Access control and security for gyms and Leisure facilities

Thursday, 9th March, 2017

Leisure facilities such as gyms require an access control solution to keep their members and staff safe, but what other requirements may need to be considered? In this blog we take a look at the two main areas to consider when deciding on access control for your gym…

Customer service
A gym membership can be very expensive and there is a lot of competition out there so retaining customers is vital to your success. Members need to feel valued, secure and confident that they are dealing with state of the art products and equipment. Therefore, having a reliable, attractive and easy to use access control entry system is essential to keeping members happy. Maintaining a welcoming reception and atmosphere that makes life as easy as possible for your members is also a massive benefit and a must to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Let the right people in at the right time
You will have invested a lot of money in specialist gym equipment and other great facilities, so a door entry solution is needed to ensure only the right people have access to your premises, facilities and equipment at the right time and this can all be easily achieved with a good access control solution. A good solution will not only block non-members but will also block members who have not paid membership fees, membership has expired or they are trying to go to the gym in peak periods with off peak membership.

An access control and security solution brings with it many added benefits as well:

  • Control access when staff members are not on site with SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) Doors can be remotely opened or locked and user rights changed 24/7 all via any internet-connected device. Click here to find to find out more about SALTO KS.
  • You’ll be able to give members easy access to facilities they have paid for, such as spa rooms or yoga classes and even lockers all with the use of their ID credentials.
  • Members, staff and trainers will benefit from uninterrupted access to rooms they may have booked at certain times, such as one on one training rooms.
  • You’ll be able to offer smartphone access control with SALTO’s JustIN app showing your members that you embrace new technologies. Click here to find out more about JustIN.
  • Powerful management reports come as standard, helping you to identify customer trends and other useful information which can be used to improve facilities and customer service.
  • You can benefit from the integration of CCTV or video surveillance with your access control solution, improving the safety of your member, staff and premises.
  • Your customers will also benefit from some of the most stylish and state of the art locks and hardware the access control and door entry market has to offer.

So, to exceed your customer’s expectations, improve safety and security and benefit from the latest access control technology click here. Alternatively call AIT on 0113273 0330 or email