[Tech Blog] Not a tale of woe: The missing email

Friday, 25th November, 2016

As technical members of staff, we’ve all been there – that morning you arrive at the office, sit down at your desk with your first (…second/third/fourth) coffee of the day and the phone rings, or you see a support request from a fellow colleague: STOP. EVERYTHING. An email has vanished from their inbox or one from the expanse of sub-folders that, organisationally, could rival that of a Government inquiry. I genuinely never know whether to praise such organisational endeavour, suppress a sigh and politely remind my colleague that Outlook is not a filing system! (Although I must admit, mailbox sizes are not so limited like they used to be. Exchange offline defrag, anyone?)

Back to the issue in hand (frustrated colleague awaiting the return of the all-important email):

Thankfully at AIT we have adopted and use the FuseMail Email Security platform as a means of screening inbound and outbound emails for malware and spam messages. Today, however I am in need of the other functionality FuseMail can offer: The ability to look back and search through mail logs to find my colleague’s “missing” email. One of the great (and most used!) functions in FuseMail is the ability to ‘Replay’ emails (re-send them from a cache, to you and I), on demand from the web-based admin portal. I can even ‘replay’ the message to an alternative recipient, if the necessary permissions are in place.

After a quick search, and having found the email in question (and checked to ensure it was indeed addressed to my colleague!) I hit the Replay button to send it on it’s way (again) to my colleague. Calm has been restored; and bonus – my coffee is still steaming hot!

In addition to messages being ‘replayed’ on demand to a user who has misplaced an email, Replay can be useful to send already-delivered mail to a new host as part of a server migration – this might relieve the burden of migrating a user’s full mail box so early on in the migration process!

Also very useful: Should any downtime occur; emails are automatically retained in FuseMail until your mail host is accepting connections again. When the connection has been restored, cached messages will start being sent through to your mail host in a coordinated stream – gone are the days of your server being bombarded by uncoordinated mail retries from external mail hosts only to cause either an impact on performance, or worse, your mail server going down again!

The Replay functionality is only one of the many tools in my email admin arsenal; some of the other great features in FuseMail I use regularly include large attachment handling, custom attachment filtering and a flexible outbound SMTP server relay, which is great for configuring those applications that send automatic emails. It’s so easy to configure!

To learn more about FuseMail and see how it could work for you, whether you use on premise or hosted email, visit our website by clicking here or call us on 0113 273 0300.

By David Ward - Technical Solutions Specialist