Wow your visitors

Thursday, 17th November, 2016

They say first impressions count...

Giving visitors to your organisation a professional welcome will make sure your guests get a good one.

How to overcome some common problems

There is nothing more annoying than long queues at reception or being asked to fill in a visitor book and then still needing to give your name to the receptionist. Or for the receptionist to be unware that you’re expected and then spend the next few minutes ringing round to locate the person you are visiting or where they should direct you to.

From an organisations perspective it is important that you know who is in your building, where visitors are, as well as whom they are visiting and how long they are likely to be onsite.

Using a manual system is fraught with difficulties such as:

  • A visitor’s illegible handwriting
  • Inaccurate information – wrong arrival time for example
  • Human error – visitors forget to sign out
  • Lack of accurate roll call data in the event of an emergency

Overcoming these difficulties is easier than you might think, by deploying visitor management software you take control and minimise your security risks. With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to register, authorise and track your guests. The checking in process is more streamline using functionality such as the pre-registration feature or having self-service check-in kiosks, where visitors register, read any relevant documentation such as health and safety information and have a visitor badge issued. Professional visitor badges can be produced using the inbuilt ID badge printing software and can include photographs.

Depending on your business type, you can create watch lists for unwanted visitors, manage events and batch check-in/out visitors. You can look up returning visitors for a smooth arrival experience or register visitor’s vehicle registration numbers for the advance issue of car park passes. You will also know accurately who is in your building so any roll call information needed in an emergency will be up to date.

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