Harness the power of access control

Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

Are you harnessing all the power your access control solution offers?

So you’ve invested heavily in your state of the art access control system, your staff and students love it and it’s doing its job, making sure only the right people get into where they need to be, at the time they need to gain access. Access rights have been deployed to stop students gaining access to those out of bound areas; you may have even integrated your solution with other systems such as AD or your card printing solution.  But what about the ongoing management of the system?

It's all in the software

As we all know, aside from the physical aspects of an access control solution (the door handles/wall readers/turnstiles) you’ll have some management software to get to grips with. Here you’ll be able to set your access policies, assign rights, create time zones and calendars for staff such as evening workers or your cleaning team, you might also want to create user groups as well. You’ll be able to monitor the real time activity, always knowing who is onsite and where, you’ll know when a door’s batteries are running low and have plenty of time to go replace them – you’re no doubt getting the picture of just how powerful this management software is.

The weakest link

But here’s the rub, sadly in our experience, the management software is often the weakest link in your building security and not used to its fullest potential. May be due to lack of training by your installer, lack of available staff or simply a team member leaves and the knowledge goes with them.

This can leave your organisation exposed – what happens when you have to suspend a student, a staff member leaves or a student decides to drop out or someone loses their ID card? Can you quickly rescind their rights? What if the suspended student is aggrieved and comes back to cause trouble? Are you confident that your processes and systems can stop them from re-gaining access?

We can help

If your access control solution is a SALTO system, we can help you.  AIT is a certified SALTO partner and along with our software expertise we can make sure you’re getting the most from your system. For a small fee we will undertake a health check, carry out additional training or improve your system integration. That way you can make sure that when you need to block a card quickly you know how to do it with a simple click of a mouse. If you feel you could be doing more with the time zone/calendar functionality, we’ll talk you through your options. May be you can be more efficient if you integrate your card production process with your SALTO solution or integrate it with AD so you can mass import data, again we have the skills to make this happen.

If you’d like to talk to use about how we can add value to your SALTO access control solution get in touch – it’s easy just give us a call on 0113 273 0300 or email our access control team at solutions@ait.co.uk