An AIT Opportunity - Rohan Parmar's visit

Friday, 12th August, 2016

A week of work experience


After recently finishing high school for the summer, I started my first ever experience in the world of real life work. These days competition for jobs is fierce so any competitive edge people can give themselves can be the tipping point for a job opportunity. I thought, the best way of doing this for me would be getting work experience. After talking to my brother-in-law Vipul (technical services manager at AIT) I decided that the company he worked for would be a great place for me to start and gain knowledge that you can’t learn at school. Within two weeks, everything had been set up and I started my week long work experience where I would work with all the departments and get a general feel for what AIT as a company offer.

For me the work experience I have gained here has been invaluable, from the warm and welcoming staff, I have learnt how a business works and the importance of each department. Without all the departments and the role each of them plays, the company would have a real management challenge as the workload would be too much and the pressure that comes with that even more difficult to manage. However, with the right amount of separation, it works and the workload, to my understanding, has been handed out evenly and everyone seemed comfortable with what they were doing.

The AIT system is extremely organised, and from what I saw it's one of the reasons they are so successful. Everyone in the company knows exactly what they have to do in the day and whenever I was shadowing someone, no matter if it was someone in sales or tech, everyone had something to do, this made my shadowing so much more engaging and knowledgeable. I felt as if I was really learning something as well as being able to contribute my views. With software dedicated solely to the organisation of work flows I could see how much influence it had on the company and it taught me that organisation is important.

Even though my time here was short I feel like I have a really good understanding of what AIT do here, I felt valued over the time that I spent here as so many people dedicated parts of their busy schedules to me and guided me through this great opportunity. If I’ve learnt anything it is that work experience is definitely effective and I suggest many of you consider it if you have no previous experience and maybe you will be lucky enough to find a company as good as AIT.