Do education Institutions need to supplement their Office365 security?

Friday, 15th July, 2016

Guest Blog from FuseMail

Short answer? Yes you should really.

The long answer involves why.

As more organisations move to cloud-based systems like Office 365, security becomes an even more important consideration. Should you stick with a single vendor strategy for this critical business area or should you spread the risk and use specialist service providers like FuseMail® to do what they do best?

As the email security experts, FuseMail® offers our customers up to three antivirus engines to ensure a more robust protection. We also guarantee a 99.9% spam detection rate and a service availability of 99.999%. On top of that we also promise less than 0.01% false positives, which reduces IT admin time.

How important is email to the smooth running of your school, college or university?

Email continuity is a necessary email add-on; without it, if your server or Office 365 experience any downtime or outages, you, your colleagues and students would be left without access to email. Your organisation grinds to a halt. However, by deploying ContinuitySMART and get Always-on email continuity this would not be the case. If Office 365 goes down, you simply log in to a web browser and continue sending and receiving email. You also have access to the last 90 days of sent and received email via the web portal, meaning the changeover is almost seamless.

Why should you pay extra for advanced email threat protection? With SecureSMART you don’t.

All our email security customers get ATP (advanced threat protection) as standard because viruses and spammers don’t attack you based on your package limitations. Using advanced policies, SecureSMART gives you protection from things like spoofing, phishing and spear phishing. Social engineering attacks are on the rise and you need to protect your organisation from them as quickly, cheaply and robustly as possible.

Worried about data loss via email?

SecureSMART allows searching of email bodies, attachments and headers for complete peace of mind. Configure your policies to search for PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance or even check for confidential student information or student databases. You can configure this yourself from simple lists to complex RegEx strings or ask our expert technical support team for advice.

Fed up of not receiving emails because the attachment was too big to get through?

Educators send large files; image rich, interactive powerpoint and smartboard presentations and colourful activity sheets mean an email can quickly go over the allowed receive limit of the recipient’s server. To avoid all that annoying toing and froing about why you or a recipient didn’t receive an email and how to get it without having to use third party sites and/or your personal email, SecureSMART has large file handling enabled for all users. This can be automatically enabled for all incoming and outgoing email.  Large attachments (size chosen by you) are replaced with a link which the recipient can choose to click on to download the file. This protects your bandwidth, helps keep mailbox sizes manageable and helps your end users to receive/send email that would not get through most file size restrictions.

By Yvonne Conway, FuseMail® UK