The access control solution to tackle anti-pass back and tailgating

Wednesday, 1st June, 2016

Getting more from your Access Control solution

Anti-pass back and tailgating

Anti-pass back and tailgating are two key areas to include in your building security strategy/policies. By incorporating these you will ensure you maximise the investment you have made in a security solution and that building and premises are as secure as they can be.

What is anti-pass back?

Well, it’s a feature designed to stop people misusing your access control solution. When deployed it means access cards will have to be used in a required order to grant access.  This works by using an ‘in’ reader as normal but also an ‘out’ reader at the other side of the door. A member of staff (or a student) would present their card at the door to go ‘in’ and to go ‘out’ they present at the reader on the inside of the door (or by the door). Therefore, the sequence is ‘in -out’. A staff member or student couldn’t pass their card back to a colleague or friend to use their card, as the card wouldn’t support an ‘in-in’ sequence.

Anti-pass back can be used in various ways depending on security policy needs, for example, you could deny access to internal doors unless the card has registered an ‘in’ read at an external door, so if someone has entered via an unauthorised (to them) door they cannot gain entry to any internal rooms. This is a great tool for ensuring that people use only the doors you want them to use to gain access to your building and is another good way of managing your building flows but this would also work as part of a tailgating strategy too (see below). Anti-pass back works well for car parks too. Using the same ‘in-out’ sequence ensures only those with rights to park can do so. For an education site, it is an effective way to stop students passing their cards to a friend who has forgotten theirs and knowing this encourages great responsibility in students to ensure they remember their ID card.

Tailgating – a big security concern

Tailgating is another big security concern for many organisations and is probably one of the most common ways unauthorised people gain entry to buildings, often as a result of an employee or student kindly holding open a door for someone.

Avoiding tailgating involves a number of strategies; firstly educate your employees and students! Make sure they understand the risks; someone who tailgates is usually up to no good, so by educating your staff and students about the increased risk of personal theft along with risks to personal safety will help. Secondly look at a multi-layered approach to entry especially at main access points, consider turnstiles as secondary access point once in the main doors. Revolving doors are very effective at reducing tailgating, and whilst not always practical, those that only allow one person per compartment, are the most effective.

Integrating your CCTV with your access control solution will also help you identify tailgaters and will make tracking them down quicker and easier, it will also identify those in your teams that need further education about tailgating risks.

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