Clay, cloud based access control

Thursday, 14th April, 2016

Best practice in security for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is often seen as a bit of a headache, even with the realisation that SMEs face many of the same threats as larger organisations. Lack of staff, budget or time is common barriers to smaller organisations investing in their building security. Until recently a lot of SME’s have felt unable to take advantage of the current choice in access control systems, largely because of the perceived cost and complexity of them.  SME’s have also  been put off  as often business owners may have concerns  around implementation disruption (interfering with the running of the business), issues with cabling, wiring,  or the ongoing management of the system. But this needs to balance against the importance of keeping buildings, people and business assets protected. Access control has come a long way since it first began and new innovative solutions are being developed all the time

SALTO have developed Clay, a new product that provides cloud based access control. Clay provides the functionality and performance of a more traditional solution but in a more cost effective way and without the management overhead often associated with a larger solution. Clay is an easy, secure, wireless solution designed for any size of business. It combines a web application and mobile app along with high quality and well-designed hardware. All of which are quick and easy to install. It’s the solution that finally gives SME’s the benefit of having a great access control solution but for a smaller cost and with hassle free implementation!

The solution gives owners the ability to control building access remotely and manage doors in real-time via any device with an internet connection. The solution replaces the standard lock and key with attractive door furniture and uses specially designed tags, Clay Tag, which communicates wirelessly with the lock.  Administrators are able to create access rights, as well as manage and monitor access activity in real-time.  Other features include being able to add access groups, block users, and remote opening. At the heart of the Clay solution is Clay IQ, this serves as the hub between the wireless lock and the cloud. It is so simple to set up as it only needs to be plugged into a standard electrical socket with no cabling required or configuration needed.

It really is that simple to use and install. So if you are a small or medium sized enterprise and you are looking for an easy to use, flexible reasonably priced access control solution click here to go to our website or alternatively call us in 10113 273 0300 or email